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NIW: Project Areas for the U.S National Interest Waiver

The USA grants foreign MS/PhD students permanent residency through the National Interest Waiver (NIW). But there is an ambiguity on what constitutes "National Interest". Here are 6 factors that have been considered to be in "National Interest" from successful NIW cases.

Sidebar: USCIS leaves the test for "National Interest" as flexible as possible, hence, the burden of proof lies with the applicants to show why their admission into the USA will fulfill this test. At least one of the following may be argued in the NIW petition.

1. Your permanent admission into the USA has been requested by a U.S government agency (Federal, State, County, and City) interested in your skills/training or project.

2. Your admission will improve the U.S environment (at any level) and result in more productive use of natural resources.

Training and Documents: How to build evidence for the NIW/EB1A as a STEM and non-STEM Scholar

3. Your admission will contribute to improving the health of U.S citizens and residents. A leeway for those doing certain health-related research.

4. Your admission will improve housing conditions or provide affordable housing for vulnerable (young, aged, or poor) U.S residents.

5. Your admission and what you'd carry out as a permanent resident will improve the U.S economy. With some creativity, a whole lot of arguments for NIW approval could be made here.

6. Your admission will improve the wages and/working conditions of U.S workers. Contrary to beliefs that the NIW is mainly for STEM students, some very creative and proactive Non-STEM scholars have been successful under this option and a few of the aforementioned options.

So think about what your present interests are. Would you be able to fit that into one of these options? If you can, that is a great start!

Lastly, our partners can coach you on how to build evidence for these self-sponsored green cards (NIW/EB-1A) as a student/postdoc in the USA. If you are ready to file, get the documents here and qualify for discounted legal representation from our partner law firms.

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