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Navigating academia can be tough, especially for young immigrants. Luckily, our online educational counseling service is here to help. We provide personalized counseling sessions designed to help at every scholarly level (undergrad, master's, PhD, postdoc) to help you achieve your academic goals. Our experts also provide guidance on the national interest waiver path to permanent residency and potential grant strategies, so you can focus on excelling academically. Read more about our lead expert and book your one-on-one session

Dr. Ojo is an alumnus of EKSU (Nigeria), Oklahoma State University (USA), and he is an Instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine. He received several honors and awards during his Master's and Ph.D., graduated as the Honorary Commencement Marshall of his graduating class, and earned the US National Interest Waiver (NIW) for permanent resident application. He has won over $1.3M in his research grants including the prestigious MOSAIC K99/R00 career transition award from the National Institutes of Health. 


As an immigrant, Dr. Ojo overcame numerous challenges to achieve high-level success in the USA. Outside his primary research and mentoring responsibilities at Stanford, he offers his limited free time to help others strategize for top STEM-related opportunities, navigate academia in the USA, and position themselves for the NIW-Green card right from grad school so that promising trainees could become productive contributors to the USA and live a purpose-filled life.

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Dr. Babajide Ojo

Instructor, Stanford University

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