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Proven Strategies for the National Interest Waiver (NIW)
For Foreign Nationals who want to live and work in the United States

​A Foreign National with exceptional ability can get U.S permanent residency without marriage or employer sponsorship. Most students, postdocs, and professionals would generally qualify if they plan adequately. On this page, you can:

  • Learn all practical tips on qualifying for the NIW-Green Card from successful applicants' perspectives.

  • Learn the eligibility and application process for the NIW

  • Learn documentation for a strong NIW case

  • Learn how to develop high-level supporting documents for your NIW-Green card applications (with downloads)

  • Get discounted attorney fees from our partner law firms

Godwin O.

Medical College of Wisconsin

"I am so glad that I took this course. It is very direct and practical. Now I am better informed and positioned. I highly recommend it!"

Ivan O.

University of California, Davis

"I am very confident in starting up the NIW process by making adequate preparations."

Abena M.

Liberty University

This course was excellent! I’m definitely recommending this to others!!

Get Started Now!  

Select your plan

Check your welcome email for links to all the perks described in the paid plans

  • NIW for Beginners

    For newbies to the NIW path to a self-sponsored green card
    Free Plan
    • What is the NIW?
    • How to qualify for the NIW
    • Fields that best qualify for the NIW
    • Costs for applying
    • Saving on costs
  • Best Value

    NIW: Complete Guide

    Perfect for active preparation towards getting the NIW
    Valid for 30 months
    • Everything in the Beginner's guide +
    • All practical evidence often needed for the NIW
    • Proven strategies for QUICKLY acquiring each NIW evidence
    • Positioning yourself to qualify as a STEM/Non-STEM scholar
    • How to prepare and sell your NIW "Proposed Endeavor"
    • Download all documents from approved NIW case (no RFE)
    • Get templates for preparing your own NIW letters
    • EASY and QUICK completion of I-140 and other NIW documents
    • Discounted representation from NIW attorneys (worth $1500)
    • 1-hr consultation to answer lingering questions (worth $60)
    • DIY Adjustment of Status after NIW approval (worth $1200)
  • NIW: Documents Only

    Perfect for those who ONLY need NIW documents and templates
    Valid for one year
    • Download samples from a successful NIW application (no RFEs)
    • Download .doc templates to prepare your own NIW documents
    • Docs: I-140, Six letters of support, NIW Proposed Endeavor
    • Discounted representation from NIW attorneys (worth $1500)
    • 30 mins personalized NIW consultation (worth $40)
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