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About Bestman Academy

Bestman Academy LLC connects brilliant students and postdocs to MS/PhD opportunities and the self-sponsored NIW Green Card in the United States.

Registered in California, USA, Bestman Academy helps the BEST students get into top US graduate schools. If you choose to continue your development in the U.S, we teach you how to strategize for a green card during your studies without depending on marriage or employment but on your hard work. Led by Dr. Babajide Ojo, we achieve all these activities by connecting you with the same resources and professionals we have used to successfully get our National Interest Waiver and green card approved.

International students oftentimes leave their families, while some uproot their families to study in the USA. Many bright students get bad advice from previous victims of bad advice for the kind of universities or advisors to look out for, and most especially on topics related to immigration options after grad school.


The Bestman Academy platforms serve as a guide for the BEST international students so they can concentrate on scholarship excellence and we help ease them into the society of their choosing without depending on anyone but their handiwork and clear future goals. We do all these by giving them clear information on their options for grad school/postdoc, and the path to self-sponsorship for the United States Green Card through the National Interest Waiver by strategizing adequately during their studies. We also provide links to resources and professionals that will help them achieve these goals.

Check out our resources page to learn about becoming competitive for grad school and how to plan for the NIW Green Card as an international student.


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Our Growing Team


Babajide Ojo, PhD

Principal Partner

Dr. Ojo is an alumnus of EKSU (Nigeria), Oklahoma State University (USA), and presently a Postdoc at Stanford University School of Medicine. He received several honors and awards during his Ph.D., graduated as the Honorary Commencement Marshall of his graduating class, and earned the US National interest Waiver (NIW) in 2021 for permanent resident application. An expert at strategizing for top STEM-related opportunities in the USA and positioning yourself for the NIW right from Grad School.


Christianah Adebayo, MS

Executive Partner

Christianah was a Biochemistry international student from Nigeria. She switched her career path to earn her Master's in Human Development and Family Science (Gerontology option) at Oklahoma State University, USA. She is our strategist on changing fields, non-STEM opportunities, staying competitive with a low GPA, and handling relationship or family situations for international students or applicants.

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