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All Resources for Grad School Application and Getting US Permanent Residency on your own terms

We believe any talented student--regardless of their origin--deserves to focus on scholarly excellence and societal contributions without distractions.  Select any resource below based on your needs

Resources: Resources and Tips
PhD admission and funding in the USA free course and documents
US VISA interview training
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The Complete Guide (Best Value)

This version of the NIW course combines everything discussed under the BEGINNER and ADVANCED guide and improves on the knowledge to give you the best value for your time and resources. The most important distinction from the other versions of this course is that this is the ONLY version that gives you the opportunity to  DOWNLOAD all the documents and templates that would make it so easy to prepare your own supporting documents for your NIW petition. This may give you leverage in negotiating legal representation since you would have done most of the work. You also qualify for a referral to our partner law firms for a free consultation and a significant discount on attorney fees.  among other benefits.

This course includes everything in the beginner's guide but it goes in-depth into the documents needed to show that you qualify for the NIW, how to strategize on acquiring the requirements for the NIW from a student's or postdoc's perspective. It gives you a first-hand look into the actual documents used for an approved NIW case to help you understand what it takes and how you would develop your own strategy to qualify and get your NIW approval. With this, you qualify for a referral to our partner firms for a free consultation and a significant discount on attorney fees.  among other benefits.

This free course details the basic tips on how to qualify for the National Interest Waiver (NIW) and green card. We begin with an introduction to the NIW, how to qualify, and general tips on the mindset you need to have as a student before you commit to a research project. We end by answering common questions about the process, like costs, when and how to apply, etc. THERE ARE NO DOWNLOADABLE NIW TEMPLATES AND DOCUMENTS WITH THIS VERSION OF THE COURSE


Grad School to self-sponsored US Green Card: First Things to Know

November 1, 2021

This 4-minute video is a MUST SEE for current and prospective US bachelor's or grad students that have NO IDEA of the self-sponsored NIW-green card process. It will lay the foundation for whether or not you'd qualify for the self-sponsored NIW green card strategy that we teach at Bestman Academy. You don't want to get too deep into your admission plan, or grad school research without seeing this. Else, you may find out too late that you wouldn't qualify for the self-sponsored green card.

Blazing the US Student Visa Interview

November 1, 2021

Using curated experiences of over 70 successful and rejected applicants, this course completely breaks down the Student VISA interview process and describes the key commonalities to excelling at the US Student Visa Interview. We discuss some universal tips and examined a few transcripts from successful and rejected applicants.

November 1, 2021

This course takes you from the absolute beginning to the end of the MS & PhD admission and funding process in the USA. Instead of competing with the crowd for popular scholarships, this course teaches you how to easily strategize for similarly funded grad school positions in the USA. It includes detailed samples and explanations on how to prepare popular documents, mentoring/funding emails, and passing interviews at the highest level. It concludes by detailing some extra proven tips that may help you beat competition for the limited funding spaces.

We are determined to add more resources for you as we continue to learn and grow as immigrants in the USA. For further questions, we encourage you to search the wealth of free resources on our YouTube platform and our social media handles. Else, book a meeting for a personalized experience.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom."   - Albert Einstein

Our personal experience and success using the same strategies described in these resources give us the AUTHORITY to guide you to success if you do your part.

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